the brussel sprout theory.

I like to think that listening to new music suggested
by someone else is a bit like the moments your parents 
put a new, curious looking vegetable in front of you as 
a kid.  The dilemma being that you know you have to eat
it in order to get to dessert or in the case of music
you have to get through that conversation with your 
brother-in-law who is trying to impress you with his
worldly knowledge of "some band he heard."

You see when you're a kid you smile and nod your way
through most meals and it isn't until you're older
that you acquire the taste for different foods.  The
same can be said about music.  When I was a kid I
listened to whatever Muchmusic pumped out: crap
(sorry, Bradford Howe).  

The turning point for me was when my dad made me
listen to hours of James Brown and the Famous Flames
(amongst other Motown greats) and my mother played me
Lou Reed's Transformer album.  As I got older I started 
listening to that stuff my parents used to force on me.
I acquired the taste for all sorts of different music
and one thing led to another and I acquired a music
library of about 20,000 songs that I wouldn't have had

So when I suggest to give the debut EP (Submarine) of
Arctic Monkeys' front man, Alex Turner, a listen and you
look at me like I'm a plate full of brussel sprouts I
won't take it personal.  By the way, if you do listen to
that EP I suggest the tracks "Stuck on the Puzzle" and
"Piledriver Waltz."

Alex Turner (2nd on the left above) is the frontman for the Arctic Monkeys


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