the electric sheep.

I’ll admit, I don’t read many books for leisure, but I did open up Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” yesterday. As I was scanning through and wondering what setting on the Penfield mood organ would best suit me I started thinking about electronic music and how little I listen to. Really, electronic music is a broad category, and this makes for a lot of pigeonholing. I’ve come to realize that one pigeonhole contains good non-electronica infused with wires. My favorite example is the electronic form Canadian duo MSTRKRFT give to the alternative rock sound of Emily Haines’ band, Metric in “Monster Hospital MSTRKRFT re-mix“. Definitely one of the best re-mixes I have.

Speaking of duos that do great re-mixes I also highly suggest getting into Ratatat. A few years back my friend Elliot mentioned them to me. They are just two guys that throw electric guitar riffs and synth overtop of a beat, but they come up with some unbelievable music. Their Classics album is their best, give it a listen.

Later that day, while looking through my scarce collection of electronic-type music, I re-discovered Calvin Harris. In the days I used to frequent the HypeMachine I found his first album (I Created Disco) and put the tracks “Merrymaking at my Place“, “Acceptable in the 80s” and “the Girls” on heavy rotation, but the whole album ended up being gold.

The electric sheep lives again.

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, singer-songwriter and producer.


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