the nineties.

FACT: The noughts are too close to be re-examined, end of story.  The slightly older, rebellious decade is not, however.  A time when Zach Morris’ cell phone was sleek, flannel shirts were a throw back to Paul Bunyan, and Star Wars episode one: the Phantom Menace was the best movie ever…after every other movie ever.  The nineties.

Music-wise, the nineties will always be remembered for the rise of hip-hop/rap, grunge/alternative rock and some other stuff, I guess.

Admittedly, I’m a not-so-secret fan of 90s alternative rock, and have stacks of favorite albums that I constantly listen to.  You will also almost always hear me argue for/against bands that are attributed to the rise of alternative rock/grunge rock in nineteen nineties (e.g. Pixies and Nirvana).  However, in exploring this genre’s past even I will say that the lesser known groups such as Pavement and Portishead should also be considered.  Feel free to also consider this song from the Breeders‘ Last Splash album, one from the aforementioned stacks.

In switching scenes a bit let us consider this true story: the little known rap duo Black Sheep were from the nineties.  Short stories are for the best.  I heard that gem of a track on NBA Street, Vol Two, which I played to no end in my childhood.  The duo of Andre 3000 and Big Boi from OutKast (pre-“Hey Ya”) were also a staple of that era, personally I think they should have stayed there.  Speaking of groups that should never have left the nineties: the Beastie Boys.  Enough said.

I will end this re-hash with a classic 90s music video.  Hint: it’s not Paula Abdul.

Pavement is a 90s alternative rock group led by Stephen Malkmus (pictured above in Paul Bunyan's 1920s catalogue).


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