lost and found, vol. two.

lost and found is a post that provides a song that may not have been seen or heard of for some time as well as a new song that I have just recently discovered.


Before the legendary folk singer-songwriter Woodie Gutherie died in 1967 he offered a lyric book containing what has been described as thousands of songs with no music to a then young Bob Dylan.  However, when Dylan was unable to persuade the Guthrie family to confer the book to him the lyrics remained unused.  In the ’90s Guthrie’s daughter approached British singer-songwriter Billy Bragg to compose the music for the lyrics and in turn he asked American alternative rock group Wilco to assist.  The result was the album “Mermaid Avenue” which is named after the street Woodie Guthrie grew up on in Brooklyn.

Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars

Mermaid Avenue was released in 1998 and was met with critical acclaim.


Again, using the Aweditorium app I found this song:

Future Islands – Long Flight

It has some pace.

Future Islands are from Baltimore, MD and are described as new wave/pop/minimalist.


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