i really like this song.

Have you ever wondered why some people like a certain song while others can’t stand listening to it?  Me too.  I stare in awe like a kid at the zoo when I see hoards of people going to country music concerts: the hats, the boots…the horses.  Those same people can then go into the city and go raving right after.  Two extremes of the spectrum.  One person’s taste in music.

For a less extreme example, my friend considers Dave Matthews Band one of the best bands out there and I just can’t hear what she hears.  Who am I to say they aren’t the greatest band out there though? (they aren’t, by the way).  I definitely prefer the sound of Yo La Tengo or Jenny and Johnny over DMB, but that doesn’t mean everyone does.  Right?

Yo La Tengo are an alternative rock band dating b-b-back to the 80s.

Parents, if you are reading, you are not exempt from this discussion.  Recently I was listening to Death from Above 1979 when my mother came into the room.  She said “how can you listen to that crap?” and in return I asked “what did your mom say to you when you played the Beatles around the house back in the 60s?”.  She laughed and said “alright.”  This isn’t to say DFA 1979 are similar to the Beatles in any way, but my mother’s taste in music IS similar to my own in many ways, which furthers my point and gives you a hilarious cartoon-like image of my mom and I bickering about music.

DFA 1979 are a duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth.

In reflection, “i really like this song” is one of my favorite things to hear.  It means although we have our differences we share a taste in music.  It means we can safely suggest other stuff to each other.  But most importantly, if you have made it this far, it means you have the perfect excuse to keep reading this blog and to watch this music video: Rose Garden.


One thought on “i really like this song.

  1. sweet video. also, it’s funny that you use the example of DMB, cause steve stone and i don’t see eye to eye on that one either.

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