this is xaphoon jones.

Tired of Girl Talk? Wait, you don’t know who Girl Talk is…do you? It’s okay, because he’s old news. Just forget about him and start thinking Xaphoon Jones. About two years ago I was spinning a few new tunes on HypeMachine’s most played list when I came across Xaphoon and his insane ability to create tunes from tunes, something like Gregg Gillis (a.k.a Girl Talk) had been doing for some time, except way better.

Xaphoon Jones is actually Noah Beresin hailing from Philadelphia, PA.

The difference for me was that instead of making one new song from about twelve different samples, Xaphoon does it from two and makes it really good. If you’re a Girl Talk fan then listen to this I Wanna Know Now or this Swimming in the Sky or both, and comment below to tell me you hate it. No comments expected.

Now consider that he also remixes individual songs (I Heard It Through the Grapevine) and designs beats for others like Theodore Grams and for Chiddy Bang (a hip hop duo to which he is one half) and you have something that Girl…something…hasn’t done. Okay, now we are making progress.

His group, Chiddy Bang, has been slowly moving up the ranks via an explosive internet following and after signing with EMI/Parlophone now has plans to release a full length album, Breakfast, to compliment their three mixtapes: The Swelly Express, Air Swell and Peanut Butter and Swelly.

Most links so far are from the Xaphoon Jones Mixtape, Vol. One (click to download for free) which is an album I would put in my top 100 albums of all-time, easy, and that’s saying a lot. It’s an easy listen, but just like any good playlist needs to be listened to start to finish to get the full effect.

Now if you want something brand new here is the best remix from his second mixtape: The Jackson Pit.

This is definitely an artist with a lot of material, so keep digging.


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