red shadows in the night are fleet foxes.

On Prince Edward Island, my home province, foxes have been slowly moving into the cities from the country.  I mostly see them in the city at night moving with haste in chase of house cats or anything else that will suffice.

I distinctly remember seeing two foxes on a walk home one night from a Boxer the horse gig in Charlottetown.  At first I just saw red shadows, then I realized exactly what they were.

By coincidence, I started listening to the band Fleet Foxes not long after that experience.  Fleet Foxes are a very unique and talented group from Seattle, Washington that have mellow folk rock sound twisted with a church-like harmony.  Their most recent album Helplessness Blues is by far one of my early favorites for album of the year.

The album artwork for Fleet Foxes second full length - Helplessness Blues

The initial interest in the band wasn’t only the single Mykonos, but their unusual and very eye catching album artwork.  I’ve yet to investigate the influences behind the artwork, but it’s on the list.  They also emit an old feel, a vintage feel both in their music and their appearance, which always catches my eye.

They are definitely a great band to listen to while trying to take it easy, so why not take it easy and listen to one of their albums like Sun Giant EP, Fleet Foxes or Helplessness Blues.  Personally, Helplessness Blues is their most well rounded.  I would start there.

Fleet Foxes are a sextet. A medium size litter.


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