lost and found, vol. three.

lost and found is a post that provides a song that may not have been seen or heard of for some time as well as a new song that I have just recently discovered.


This song had been lost on me completely until this past year when a few friends told me to check out the music of the dBs.  They are a late-70s/80s band with a catchy pop sound that is reminiscent of other bands of that time such as Talking Heads and Television.  The one song that hooked me was “Black and White.”  Hope you enjoy it.

the dBs are a off beat pop band from NYC, NY that grew up in the 70s and 80s.


I can’t say I don’t enjoy the voice of Michael McDonald, the dude can just hit all the right notes.  So adding his voice to a new age sound can’t hurt at all.  Such is the case for Holy Ghost!’s new track “Some Children.”  I highly recommend it.

Holy Ghost! is a more recent duo from NYC.


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