lost and found, vol. four.

lost and found is a post that provides a song that may not have been seen or heard of for some time as well as a new song that I have just recently discovered.


As alluded to in my post the last dance of ian curtis, New Order were formed in the 80s from the remnants of Joy Division after the death of their lead singer.  Of the people I’ve met who are pro-New Order (a.k.a. New Order >> Joy Division) most debate whether New Order’s best song is Ceremony or Temptation.  I play ball for Temptation in that argument, therefore here is a tune lost on most people if heard at all.

New Order – Temptation

To my knowledge New Order are still together today...pounding on synth somewhere.


If you have been following this blog since the summer then you have seen me post about Future Islands twice by now.  So as you can see I am trying my damnedest to hook you on their music….next step his hypnotism.  Don’t make me do that.

This is from their newly released album entitled “On the Water”.

Future Islands – Balance

Future Islands are from Balt....look deeply into my eyesss.


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