infinite albums: radiohead’s “in rainbows.”

infinite albums is my way of sorting out my favourite albums of all-time, which, as you can imagine, isn’t an easy task for anyone.  I use the word infinite to describe my indecisiveness about the amount of albums I consider favourites.

Firstly, on the subject of “favourite albums”, I enjoy the thought of not having to meticulously sift through and pick songs I like more than others.  These albums I enjoy in their entirety.

There is no particular reason why I chose Radiohead’s seventh LP, In Rainbows, as the first entry onto my list of albums.  Well, no, there is.  It was the first album I had ever downloaded for free FROM the artist themselves.  You see Radiohead, after pouring two years of work into this album, decided to release it as a download on their website with an option of paying “what you want” for it.  I took the poor student way out.

Radiohead's In Rainbows was released from their website in October 2007.

As is the case for many bands, Radiohead has a sound that is quite different to what else is out there.  Sure, some bands try to sound like them, but they aren’t them.

Music-wise, this album combines sounds that are both easy to listen to and energetic.  It the sound itself is defined by the shaky and ghost-like voice of Thom Yorke behind the mic and the interesting sounds produced by the various members that used to be categorized with the rest of the 90s upstart rock bands.  As the sound waves pulse into my brain think about their other works and come to realize that  as much as I love Radiohead’s sound there is something about this album that is different from The Bends or OK Computer.

It is progressive for them.  They use sounds that they haven’t before while keeping the ones that everyone seems to love.  It’s like they knew which sounds to keep and which new ones to introduce.  Lucky for us, I suppose, as most bands now a day don’t know how to introduce a good sound to start with.

Definitely got my moneys-worth out of this album.


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