a mixture of sounds.

I know you have your favourite bands.  It’s cool, I won’t judge you.

I also know that sometimes you listen to bands and go “hey, they sound like this other band that I really like.”  How do I know so much about you?  Get away from me man, I don’t want to know anymore!

Keep it together, Matt.  Okay, now, haven’t you wished you could have all your favourite bands in one band?  I already know your answer, so no need to say it out loud or under your breath.

This is the part where I share something with you that hooks you into the rest of this post….where did I put it…here:  today I realized that I know a band that fits the above description…in fact, they happen to be one of my favourite bands already.

Boxer the horse.

(boxer the horse are a Canadian alternative rock band…from the future.)

I have, on occasion, chatted with the guys from Boxer, typically about music.  Of course it only now dawns on me that a lot of my musical favourites from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s have been discussed as mutual favourites with them or were suggested by them.

So today, when they announced their newest album “French Residency” is due out in March, I listened to the first single “Rattle Your Cage” and basked in the various sounds it reminded me of, like Weezer, Beck, Pavement, the Velvet Underground and Yo la Tengo.

This of course meant I had to go back and listen to their old albums/EPs…and videos…and here I am now.

Here is the video for Bad Apples, the first track off their first full length album Would You Please.

(photo cred to Ryan Wilson)

As you have probably already deduced, my goal here is no longer to hook you into reading this post, it’s to hook you on a band you might not have known before this post.

Now here is the part that will really hook you: you can download their first full length album, Would You Please, for free right HERE in a very Radiohead fashion.

I feel like I’ve drawn enough comparisons to music I like in this post to fill your quota for one read, so I’ll stop.  I hope you enjoy Boxer.  Here is one more video from a live show a few Halloweens back: Mary Meets the Pilot.

(poster cred to phil macisaac)


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