18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 5: famous graffiti.

Graffiti is a risky art form.  The artists know if they get caught the police aren’t going to stop and say “Hey Phil, what do you think he means when he says ‘FUCK THA POLICE’?” “I’m not sure, Chip, but the way he inverts the K really gives a little something…don’t you think?”

No, they are fully aware of the “crime” they are committing.  But, here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the city has hired graffiti artists to cover commonly graffitied areas with images of local landmarks.  Pretty cool I guess, if you like clock towers and….the Metro centre…and…dirty harbours.

This playlist I dedicate to the art form of graffiti.  May you continue to shock people over night with your, at times sloppy and unsteady, cursive writing (?).

spread word of the famous graffiti. (click play).


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