18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 9: summer deity.

HOUSEKEEPING: I noticed last week that Grooveshark has started a required ad watch before listening to any music, not unlike YouTube has done.  That is unfortunate.  So this week marks the beginning a new website….8tracks.  I have been messing around with it the last few days and have the following tips/answers: You press play and it cycles through the playlist once. So you can’t go back and play a song you liked at will.  You CAN skip a song (max of 3 times).  Other than that it’s pretty straightforward.

Not everyone worships a god.  In the summer however, most people pray for good weather.  So in a sense of the word the sun becomes your summer deity.  I really hope that statement isn’t offside….to be honest I thought it was a pretty alright statement.

ANYWAY.  There are a lot of danceable tracks in this playlist…and I, like other tall, white guys out there, do not consider dancing “my thing.”  The list also has a new Wintersleep song (if you know what I’m sayin’) and the return of an old favourite band, Born Ruffians.

pray to the summer deity. (click play)


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