18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 13: electric sunrise.

Music plays a role in almost any situation.  Even the unexpected.

A day trip to the beach with the radio blasting over the sound the wind makes on an open window while you rip down the highway.

Your friend’s tunes pumping from a steadily draining gizmo that he put on a piece of wood close to wear you are soaking up the sun.

New friends that hear your tunes and join your day trip, that is slowly turning into a night trip.

The tunes that keep you company as you walk the beach with someone else at night trying to find that spot away from the fire that everyone is huddled around.

Then, in that moment, when you are dreaming something with a soundtrack too good to be true, the music cuts and you wake up to find yourself in the same spot as the night before with corners of the sky brightening….

here comes the electric sunrise.


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