the half marathon playlist // go for it.

go for it.

NOTE: (if you want any of the songs or the whole list just e-mail me and i’ll send you the .zip)

Phoenix – 1901

Holy Fuck – The Pulse

Chromeo – Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Mother Mother – Baby Don’t Dance

Michael Jackson – Beat It

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet

Teddybears – Cobrastyle

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

Chromeo Fancy Footwork

Lenny Kravitz – Where are we Running

Traveling Wilburys – Handle with Care

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Arcade Fire – Ready to Start

Mother Mother – Chasing It Down

The Roots – Seed 2.0

Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

OMC – How Bizarre

Spoon – The Way We Get By

MGMT – Weekend Wars

Joel Plaskett Emergency – Snowed In/Cruisin’

Islands – Creeper

Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good

Blink-182 – What’s My Age Again

Spoon – You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb

Bloc Party – Banquet

OK GO – Here It Goes Again

MGMT – Kids

Teddybears – Punkrocker (ft. Iggy Pop)

Royksopp – Happy Up Here

Phoenix Sometimes in the Fall

N.E.R.D. – She Wants to Move

Outkast – The Way You Move

Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys)

Chromeo – Night by Night

Panjabi MC – Beware (Jay-Z Remix)

The Prodigy – Breathe

Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm


18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 11: cool rain.

The smell of rain changes year round.  For me the distinctive smell of rain in the fall signals the official change in seasons.  On the flip side, it is the smell of cool rain on hot pavement in the summer that reminds me that there is still plenty of warm weather and beach bumming left to be had.

There is also something to be said for experiencing thundershowers in the summer.  Sitting in the dark listening as the rain pounds the ground and watching as the world around you becomes clear for a split second and then for those few seconds after.

in the heat of summer, bask in cool rain.

18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 10: hot pavement.

You know that feeling when, barefooted in late July, you step out onto a road?  Probably making your way back to your car from a remote beach somewhere.  Your initial decision is to get off the road and back to the cool(er) grass.  Then something happens and you persevere.  That something is your brain reminding you that it’s all part of the adventure.

enjoy hot pavement. (click play).

18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 9: summer deity.

HOUSEKEEPING: I noticed last week that Grooveshark has started a required ad watch before listening to any music, not unlike YouTube has done.  That is unfortunate.  So this week marks the beginning a new website….8tracks.  I have been messing around with it the last few days and have the following tips/answers: You press play and it cycles through the playlist once. So you can’t go back and play a song you liked at will.  You CAN skip a song (max of 3 times).  Other than that it’s pretty straightforward.

Not everyone worships a god.  In the summer however, most people pray for good weather.  So in a sense of the word the sun becomes your summer deity.  I really hope that statement isn’t offside….to be honest I thought it was a pretty alright statement.

ANYWAY.  There are a lot of danceable tracks in this playlist…and I, like other tall, white guys out there, do not consider dancing “my thing.”  The list also has a new Wintersleep song (if you know what I’m sayin’) and the return of an old favourite band, Born Ruffians.

pray to the summer deity. (click play)

18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 8: surfer girl.

I think most guys in the hypothetical room will agree that there aren’t many summer events that trump seeing beach babes….who’s with me, fellas?  Well, in this beachless city I live in, I have to settle for sidewalk babes…or park babes.  As exciting as that doesn’t sound, there are some pretty attractive females in Halifax and so I have survived so far.

This weekend I am returning home to the beach capital of the region, Prince Edward Island, and made a playlist for the occasion.  Now all I need is a cold beer, wheels and some scorching sun.

find your surfer girl. (click play).

18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 7: vintage.

Ah yes, when I started this little playlist run in May I underestimated the power that summer has over me.  Ergo, my posting has been lacklustre….whatever those words mean.  I HAVE  however been accumulating playlists at a steady rate, so fear not.

The seventh week of summer I cracked out my dad’s 1975 pentax asahi for some good old fashioned film camera fun.  As I have alluded to previously, I am a fan of vintage stuff, which explains my taste in music for the most part.  In the same breath that same week saw me revisiting some of my favourite 70s bands like the Cars, Big Star and Joy Division.  Mixed in with some more recent tunes, you may just let that summer power take hold.

my brain is vintage. (click play).

18 weeks of summer // 18 playlists // week 6: thelonious.

Jazz is a musical genre to which I don’t listen to fanatically.  However, thanks to the many musical influences I have in my immediate surroundings I have a good idea of who to listen to on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Names like Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Thelonious Monk aren’t as household to me as the Pixies, Lou Reed or Bob Dylan, but, they sure do know how to make you chill out.

Next time you are in the mood for some Jazz check out “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis or “Monk” by Thelonious Monk.  They are good for it.

There isn’t any smooth jazz on this week’s playlist, but I feel you will still enjoy.

the man.  the music.  thelonious. (click play).